Hi Awake Soul

Chantal Saidi

I start with a little true story that led to this initiative …

Maybe chantal’s story will encourage you to get moving

It’s a story about a woman/soulmate with whom I crossed paths throughout my life. 

And so the story begins …

 I know Chantal Saïdi since I was 18 years old.  She arrived in Brussels as a political refugee, referred to our secondary school in Poperinge and for some subjects she was in my class.  We quickly became friends.  Thanks to my father (who died 7 years later), Chantal was able to spend a 2-month Summer holiday with the family Cuvelier.  I had the best Summer ever before.

Chantal was one of the first African girls in our small town and with her enchanting beauty it was a chore to keep the boys away from her.

After that holiday Chantal left back to Brussels where she would continue to develop her life.  She told me: give me a call if you would end-up in Brussels for a job.   And guess what?  My first job opportunity was in Brussels.  We shared an apartment for more than 6 months.  Chantal was singing at the Sheraton Hotel and I was part of the backing vocals :-).  We had lots of fun going out together.  One day she met her partner ‘Jack’ in a dancing Club near Bois de La Cambre where we often went out.  Afterwards she moved to Dublin & London.  My sister and me kept on visiting her.  After a while we lost track and did not see her for several years. 

She had 2 sons with Jack.  The relation went down and they split-up.  A heavy period started for Chantal.  Her children were taken away from her for about 5 years.  5 years of fighting to get her children back took its toll  …

Later on Chantal discovered she had breast cancer at her left breast. During chemo session, the chemo nurse told Chantal that, chemotherapy will make the cancer come back! Although Chantal was convinced that she needed chemo to restore her body.10 years later, after the first breast cancer diagnosis, Chantal felt a lump underneath the implant of same left breast!

 Since those though years, Chantal had learned how to listen to her body and to follow her instincts!
Chantal found out that all wisdom can be found inside. 
For a long period of time I did not see or hear Chantal anymore.
One day in May 2017, she surprised me on that particular day.  Completely out of nowhere she appeared on the opening day of my new business @ Dok Noord.
 I was quite moved by how life can turn.
6 years later (end of 2022) Chantal drove from London to Ghent by car. Unannounced as always :-).  I saw her and her first words were exactly what I needed to hear. 

That’s why she joined us on March the 24th, 2023 …. TO INSPIRE YOU! 

 An awake woman will stand back in her strength.
Chantal knows about the GAME of LIFE.
She talked about how everything is already present in our lives.