Vegan Cooking workshop

What can you expect?

During this workshop, expect simple dishes with subtle surprises, and above all a fun introduction to plant-based cooking.

We get to work with some ingredients that should not be missing from your kitchen (in the future), and that will make the transition to more frequent plant-based cooking a lot easier. We translate nori, noble yeast flakes, kala namak and aquafaba into understandable language and learn what you can do with them. You'll get ideas for starter, main course and dessert, and what's left over after dinner you'll take home, along with a digital recipe bundle.

After hearing all this deliciousness, are you also eager to put on your chef's hat?

Some of the offerings

  • Energy balls
  • Bitterballs
  • Almond cheese
  • Crunchy honey tofu
  • Nacho cheesecake (potatoes/carrot)
  • Scrambled tofu
  • Chocolate cake with silken tofu
    (avocado & sweet potato)
  • Vegetable muffins
  • No tuna salad

We start promptly at 10.00h
Please bring your own knife, cutting board and apron.

€77 per person

Inclusive :

  • drinks ( waters, homemade mocktail (non-alcoholic), 1 glass of cava & 2 glass of white/red wine)
  • recipe booklet (recipe sheets are forwarded electronically)
  • product knowledge and guidance from a native chef or comparable by experience
  • cosy dining in authentic industrial surroundings
  • kleine groepen tussen 10 – 15 personen

Bij annulaties zijn er geen terugbetalingen mogelijk. We raden je aan om de gereserveerde plaats door te geven.