Ilse van Illie Mangaro en Annick van Yoganic Moves organiseren twee specifieke workshops omtrent welzijn voor bedrijven die meer willen inzetten op het algemeen welzijn van hun werknemers. Deze workshops kunnen naar wens worden gecombineerd met een overheerlijke wereldse picknick, lunch of diner bij Illie Mangaro.


Our sedentary lifestyle can cause a lot of physical ailments, such as neck pain and low back pain. “ Sitting is the new smoking ” – is sometimes said.

This workshop focuses on the sitting position of your employees and the neck and shoulder complaints that many employees experience due to a “ poor ” sitting position. Your team will discover and sense how to improve their posture.  They also learn simple techniques to balance the body after a day of sitting and tools to relieve neck and back problems. These exercises can be used in the workplace.

Enjoy an active workshop and learn simple tools to release stress and relieve pain and finish with a delicious worldly brunch at Illie Mangaro.


Take the wheel of your health into your own hands and learn simple techniques to release stress and tension. Did you know that breathing is a powerful tool to relax your body? Your breathing happens automatically, we don't have to think about it. But we can also actively use breathing to relax our body. This way we take the wheel into our own hands and we can literally press the brake pedal of our nervous system, which ensures relaxation and recovery. Moreover, we always carry our breathing.

Tijdens deze workshop krijg je technieken die je helpen beter te slapen, met stress om te gaan en stress los te laten. Jouw team zal veerkrachtiger zijn en zich energieker voelen. 

  • Reduce your stress 
  • Calm your mind, gain clarity and focus
  • Relieve all kinds of pains due to a sedentary lifestyle
  • Improve your sitting and standing posture that positively influences the mood
  • Support your immune system ( diaphragmatic breathing )
  • Prevent burnout and promote general well-being in the workplace

During this workshop you will learn simple tools, which can be easily integrated during the day and only take a few minutes of your time.
Annick prefers to provide people with tools so that they can learn simple methods of balancing themselves, in body and mind. The target is to prevent rather than cure.
Prevention is about encouraging others to be more proactive with their physical and mental health and well-being.
Annick also uses TAPPING techniques and stimulation of acupressure points to release tension in the body and regulate the system.

Do you want to start or end the day with your team in a fantastically educational way?

Then join us for a wonderfully active workshop ( 1.5 hours ) after which your team can sit under the table at Illie for a worldly and healthy brunch / lunch/dinner or barefoot in the grass during a worldly picnic. A real benefit for body and mind!

The workshop is inclusive

  • 1.5 hours workshop ‘ healthy sitting position ’ or ‘ breathing techniques ’
  • 2 hours dinner at Illie Mangaro: aperohapjes, 3 soorten werelds buffet (a volonté) en een dessertje.
  • twee uur cava, wijnen, homemade lemonades, icetea, mocktails, koffie en homemade tea.